Monday, July 26, 2010

See How Beautiful!!!

hey people!

How's y'all doing??? Me missing y'all so much.....Just had to show you guys how beautiful my new city is.....It's a island connected a very beautiful city, very close to many famous/big cities in yankee & borderline with mexico..... the weather is heavenly....the sight of the water is so serene..... the perfect city to enjoy evening long walks and bike rides..... there are so many restaurants of different origin/countries representing here..... ......but regardless, .....I am so in love!!!!

Hope to be back soon....still tryna settle down. Y'all enjoy the rest of your week......xoxo!

Monday, July 12, 2010

When Life Gets Really Busy!

* sneeze* *sneeze*.....dusting off cob webs.....What's a girl to do when life gets really busy? .....I say get busy with it, right?!..... It's been almost six months since i updated my blog.

It's been six tedious months for me....i have relocated to four different cities/states already and am getting ready to relocate again at the end of this month; I have gone through three different jobs but i have finally settled with the fourth/present one which involved a major career change; i have transferred/changed school twice and back to looking up/applying to grad schools in my upcoming residence; Still nursing my baby business, started yet another business and still chasing every opportunity for growth; going through a crossroad in my relationship, trying to decide if it's time to walk away from a "two years relationship" or hold on; dealing with drastic loss of friendships as a result of my inability to keep up in recent times; trying to grow and keep my bond with my saviour intact.....and lots more of life's challenges.

Though i constantly wish the number of hours in a day could double up so i could get more things done, Being able to get four or five hours of sleep daily is a tremendous blessing for me at this point....I am truly grateful & extremely thankful to God for bringing me this far cause it sure ain't in any way by my doing....And am so appreciative of the support am getting from my family and the very few close friends in my life...they are such a treasure mine.

With all being said.....i tender an appeal to Blogsville, please bear with me a little longer, hopefully things will come together soon and i will have more time to blog.

For everyone out there going through some tough times, i hope you find this scriptures encouraging enough to hang in there and keep believing in God for the best......God is truly faithful and his love for us is everlasting.

~Matthew 6:25-27~
"For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is life not more than food, and the body more than clothing?
Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?
"And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?

~Matthew 6:34~
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Y'all have a wonderful week and keep striving to be better than you are....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ZOOM ZOOOOOOMMMMM~~~The Latest International Driver In!

Happy New year to everyone, am sure y'all had a wonderful festive season and i hope the year has been going great so far. "Me's" been balling like a mini-diva that i am; my festive season was great, had lots to eat, had a lot of quality "me-time" and was able to get enough rest; But now, am back to school n real life.

The new year has been splendid and a lot of great things has been rolling in so far. Am so grateful to God for his endless divine blessing and my wonderful family. Mehn! Life's been good and refreshing like a bowl of vanilla ice cream with choc chips & pecan nuts on a Friday! Am certain things will keep getting better by the grace of God.
So i have been in the states for almost five years now, and guess what??????????? I just got my LICENSE yesterday......No, not my Diva License ~ am still working on mean my DRIVER'S LICENSE. Mehn! am so glad am through with all that now, it definitely been a journey tryna get my license considering the fact that i had my driving permit for almost 15months. Am sure y'all are probably wondering why it took me that long, i honestly don't know even though i have been driving for quite a while least, am so happy i have it now.

I have been driving for awhile now but the first time i took my road test last February, i failed it. The lady that conducted the road test was so annoying and not so nice at all. Besides, i just started driving then and I was scared out of my pant; Ever since then, i kinda didn't care too much for it as i continued driving without a license, and luckily, i have never been pulled over by a cop.

I suppose it yay me, right?! Am just so excited about it and many more things going on for me; Finally, i can start planning to get my own lil whip.....Baba God, am adding that to my list of needs for this year. BTW, Just in case there is someone in blogsville that is extremely blessed n wouldn't mind sharing wiv a sister, a Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster will! (Picture above).

Just in case y'all ever see me cruising round town, don't be afraid to take a ride with me cos guess what???..... I am CERTIFIED myself.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend and keep believing in God cos he if ever faithful.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmmn!.......Been Like Forever

How have y'all been? It sure seems like forever since my last post; yh, i know it too and i sometimes feel bad about it. Life, School, Work, Business, Family, Relationship, Friends, and everything about me have been very busy...more like insanely busy, but God is definitely taking control. Some days i feel like school and work are some of the worst things that could ever happen to mankind but then, that is a very big lie; there are several worse things that could happen to humans.

Regardless of how busy and insane everything is, am still very grateful for a lot of things. God has been very merciful and faithful to me. I am very certain that my future is very blessed and promising.

  • My Msc. program is going great.
  • My family is doing good, still believing in God that things will get better than it is.
  • God is taking control of my finances (especially at this season when money quick dey go but quite slow to come ).
  • My business is growing (quite very stressful n demanding but it's definitely making great progress) .
  • Am very grateful for the people God has placed in my life at this particular time...... OMG! y'all are very AWESOME ~ especially "my super team", working with me in regards to my business; I really~really appreciate y'all's dedication, loyalty, and effort..... It means the world to me and I pray that the good Lord we serve will definitely reward y'all abundantly.
  • Am very grateful for my blogsville family, even though i haven't blogged in a while, i always make out time to do my blog rounds~ y'all have always been a great part of my life and have been very inspiring & encouraging from the beginning......Y'all mean so much to me. (thanks to everyone leaving a comment, sending emails, and checking up on me via faceb!....y'all are incredible) ......thanks so much for the love.
  • Am grateful to God for meeting me at the point of my needs and always coming to my rescue .......words can't express my gratitude, i will forever be thankful to you, lord.
  • Am thankful for everything and the life that am living ...... The Lord is beyond Great!!!

Anyways, i have to get back to my pile of assignments . Please, keep me in your prayers and i promise to be back, hopefully soon.......



Friday, August 21, 2009


Hate when I feel the need to clear my head, it means that not everything is going well. So it 1:32am and I pretty much just came from a walk that lasted over an hr. I cried, laughed, smiled, sang; but most of all, I cleared my head. Now I remembered what my priorities are and well....back to the books. At this age everything else is an added bonus and not that Important. Am writing from my heart right now...............Hopefully by the time i go to bed and wake up tomorrow, Everything will make more sense.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Been a Haute Minute.......

Been quite a haute minute!

For weeks, i have been staring @ my blog every time i log in without writing about anything. I do have a lot of thoughts going through my head, yet can't seem to think of anything quite worth blogging about or maybe i just don't know how to express my thoughts.....but anyway, am gonna make an effort today. So here we go***

Am resuming back to school this starting my Msc. & hopefully, by the time i get done with that, i would have a great job n things will be set in place for the next level

My elder brother is getting married on the 29th of this month.....really happy for him. It's kinda overwhelming whenever i think about it....don't really know why.....guess it's probably cos the thoughts of him getting married is kinda "grand" in some kinda way ....kinda just realizing he's actually old n the memories of childhood n us growing up is still quite vivid in my mind. Every time i think about it, i find myself tryna understand how come he has grown so fast n now getting married..... hmmn! before i finish spelling M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E, my sister n other two brothers will start getting married too....In a couple of years from now, my dad will probably start dealing with the "Empty Nest Syndrome"!
Anyway, i guess growing up is inevitable n getting married is part of life as well....... Wish him a happy married life n God's abundant blessings.

My dad n godfather will be visiting this month from naija.....looking forward to seeing them.

Am tryna move into a new apartment but the thought of parking n moving is killing me ............i hate, hate, n hate parking n moving......can't wait for the time when i will finally park, move, and settled down in my own home.

Lately, am beginning to develop some kinda discomfort that i only feel when am about to talk on the phone.....don't really enjoy staying on the phone for too long .....n it's getting worse cos am not keeping in touch with people as much i would love to.

Ok! now am tired n feeling sleepy.....mehn! i think it's time to bounce n retire back onto my bed....

Guess i tried, at least i made an effort & was able to get some writing done.......y'all be safe, aiit.

!!{BTW, that's the new sign for peace}

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Relationships, Relationships, Relationships..........yh, that's what we will be talking about.

Relationships are complicated but could be very simple at the same time (if one understands the situation). Every relationship is unique in it's own way, which is very reasonable considering the fact that every individual is very different and unique.

I am really worried, concerned and curious about this. Am from a muslim and christain family, my dad and my brothers are all muslims while me and my sister are christains. My parent do not mind in anyway as they gave us the liberty to choose which religion we want as long as you are dilligent and committed to it. The funny thing about the situation now is that all my brothers are dating christains (committed relationship) and none of them mind neither does anyone in the family either. My sister is dating a christain, so she really doesn't have to worry about this.

Here is the deal for me, most of the guys tryna get with me are muslims and i just can't help but wonder how that will work. It's not like i mind dating or marrying a muslim but am worried about whoever it is i choose to date/ marry & what might happen later on in life. I always make it clear to them that am not willing to change my religion for any reason. Most of them are relationship worthy guys and are willing n ready to commit but then the religion differences keeps coming up. Some of them claims not to have a problem with me being a christain and are willing to have a relationship with me regardless of my religion.

Ok, so i talked to my brothers and they apparently don't think/see anything wrong with the idea of dating a muslim if he's ready n willing to let me keep being a christain; but then my close friends don't seem to like the idea cos they think the man might later demand that i become a muslim. I perfectly understand both POV but then..............uuuurrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!'s all confusing.

So, here is my question....(remember, am a female).....How important is religion in a relationship/marriage? Does religion really matters in a relationship/marriage or not? What is your opinion about couples with different religions?

I would really love to hear what y'all think especially the married folks in the house.

NB~ Congratulations to my elder brother and his girlfriend.....they got engaged yesterday...... yep! he proposed and yesterday was her birthday too......How sweet is that, getting engaged on your birthday. Am really happy for them......Should decide the wedding date before the end of summer.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amor Vincit Omnia

Hello my people, how is y'all weekend going.........hope you are enjoying n loving it so far. Woke up this morning feeling great, spent some time meditating on the word of God like i do daily but afterwards, i couldn't get rid of a thought that came to my mind......" It is easier to love mankind as a whole than to love one's neighbor" .......just thought i should share this with y'all; in hopes that y'all will let me know how true you think this is or what your take is on this.

Rememeber, "love your neighbor as yourself" is one of Gods' commandments and like they say "Love conquers all".

Y'all enjoy your wekend n be safe......I love you all.......muah!


Friday, June 19, 2009


Am so glad it's almost didn't want to come fast enough, but hey, it's finally here. Okay my people, i need some help with my hair oooo, sigh!!! I cut off almost all my hair living about an inch on December 10th, 2007 and i have left my hair all natural since then which is about a year and half or so.

I have been loving the fact that i went natural even though it was so difficult dealing with my hair at the beginning. Most of my siblings n friends didn't support the idea of me going natural but i did.........which means i had to stay committed to being natural or i will get laughed at if i decided to change my hair. Since then i have learn to be innovative with my hair and the styles i wear.

I changed the hair products i use when i cut my hair and everything seems to be working good for me, but for the past couple of months, i have noticed that my hair n scalp looks dry/get dry easily regardless of what hair products i use. Now, am beginning to think that maybe i need to use different hair products or do something different.

I usually use Pantene shampoo and leave-in conditioner which am not sure is the best shampoo/conditioner for natural hair; use Softsheen care free curls and Softsheen moisturizing finishing lotion for my curls; use Softsheen revitalizing mousse and luster curl texturizer to make my hair softer (because my natural hair is as hard as it can get); use organic olive oil moisturizing hair lotion often, and hair jam sometimes.

I usually wash my hair every weekend but sometimes, i wash it every two weeks depending on the kind of hair style i have on and how busy i am. Lately, my hair has turned into something else, and i know it's time to do something about it but i honestly do not know what to do.

If you have helpful information about how i could care better for my could email it to me @ or you could just write it as a comment. Also, If you know any blog about natural hair or bloggers that have natural hair and talks about it on their blogs, kindly let me know. So, blogsville........please come to my rescue.

Y'all have fun and enjoy your safe!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bits n Pieces

Yours faithfully is so stressed out now, it's just the grace of God that keeps me going lately. Mehn, trying to get a real job in this so-called recession period is no joke at all. Sometimes, i wonder why i didn't graduate earlier or probably stay in school a lil longer cos this job search is driving me nuts. My bank account light is becoming deem but hopefully it won't enter red before God work something out for me. On the brighter note tho, am still alive n kicking so i guess that's more than enough reasons to be grateful........Thank you Lord.

Thanks to everyone that wished me good luck and congratulated me on my graduation.... My research n presentations went great; exams & graduation were great as well..... Thanks so much, i really appreciate it.

To those who have been with me for a while, y'all will remember my friend that i talked about here. I promised to update y'all about whatever happens; okay, so here is the update from that. I met and talked with my friend as agreed. We started gisting as usually and i was lucky enough to get a great opportunity to bring up the subject. He made a mistake and i actually corrected him, after which i was able to bring up the issue. I told him about how i have noticed this for quite a while n have been thinking about talking to him concerning it cos i believe he could make some changes that will be to his benefit. I explain to him that i wasn't trying to ridicule him in any way, rather, i am trying to help him. To my surprise, he didn't get angry about it nor took it as an insult. He actually thanked me and said that no one has ever been able to talk to him about it. We finally agreed on him taking some Internet courses which we both thought might help and so far, he seem dedicated to helping himself grow n making the necessary changes. I come around to help him whenever am less busy and it seems like he's getting some work done........... On that note, thanks to blogsville for their moral support n y'allz ever-ready to listen ears.

It sure seem like everything always have a way of working itself out at the end of the day. I am tired o, there are so much thoughts in my head........i guess i will continue this later.

Take care my people, will be back....